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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao, (also known as “The Food of the Gods”), is an ancient plant medicine that bridges the gap between Heart and Spirit. Using the finest quality, fair trade pure Cacao from a Guatemalan Shaman, this ceremony gives anyone curious and intentional the chance to connect with the Spirit of the Cacao as a tool to safely open their heart to be healed, to be inspired, and to be transformed.

In Mayan culture, Cacao was used ceremonial to commune with the Gods. Today, we continue this sacred traditional by drinking cacao to reconnect with the deep wisdom of our own precious beings.

Co-facilitated with unconditional love and detailed attention by medicine sisters Sam Bianchini and Madison Rose, this ceremony invokes guided meditation, breath work, sacred song (icaro), personal limpias (healings), and sharing as tools for clarity, joy, and release.

Whether you are looking to move through blockages, release negative energy, or simply experience ecstatic joy and transcendent bliss, this ceremony is for you. It's with great honor and joy to bring you this sacred ceremony!

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Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, November 23rd at 5:00pm

Saturday, January 4th at 5:00pm
Sat Nam Yoga Chicago