Shamanic Healing Sessions

Utilizing the intuitive wisdom and practices of Andean, Himalayan, and Native American shamans, these powerful sessions combine ancient techniques to clear and balance the chakras, clean the spirit body, extract unwanted/negative energies, Soul and Power Retrieval, and illuminating into Light.

Healings involve sound, icaro (medicine song), rattle work (ancient spiral technique), breath, healing stones, sacred oils and plant infusions, and more.

For aid healing trauma, blockages, pains of the heart, creative lulls, or to feel Fully Embodied, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • 2 hours/ $175

Integrative Reiki + Sound Healing

Combining the loving, gentle force of Reiki energy healing with crystal singing bowls, essential oils, crystals, breath release, guided meditation and visualization. A sweet, nurturing, yet radiant session.

For overall relaxation and stress-release, balance, and deep nurturing. Aids in reducing anxiety and depression, and allows for gentle heart healing and opening.

  • 60 min/ $99

  • 90 min/ $125