Sam Bianchini is a ceremony facilitator, shamanic healer, medicine carrier, cacao goddess, energy worker, and sacred songstress. She has studied for nearly a decade with yogis, healers, and medicine men and women from many different lineages all over the world, ranging from Tantra to Indigenous Cultures to Native American practices, and is a ferocious student of sacred paths.

Her deeply reverent Ceremonies draw immaculately from traditional Andean and Himalayan practices, and are flavored with her commitment to the Native American path. She has studied in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Bali, and around the United States. Most often, Sam facilitates public Cacao Ceremonies that are sacredly and immaculately held in the style of traditional Plant Medicine ceremonies, with a deep focus on Energetic Cleansing and Spiritual Purification, as well as prayer, celebration, and true bliss.

Sam also offers Women’s Moon Gatherings, sacred song circles, and much more for both public and private ceremony.

Utilizing icaros (healing song), ceremony, ritual, tribal knowledge, and connection, Sam is committed to holding loving, pure space for transformation in both the individual and the collective soul. Her work offers space for authentic healing, heart opening, and personal transformation.